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Viledon filterCair: Air quality management for food manufacturers

More safety in all production stages

filterCair is a unique, customizable filter management package that ensures you enjoy maximum benefit from our top-quality Viledon filters. This flexible package comprises a comprehensive filter program plus service support and warranties.

Choosing filterCair also ensures that you guard against inadequate maintenance of air handling units (AHUs) and the filter systems they contain. Malfunctioning or heavily soiled filters support bacterial growth and allow all sorts of contaminants to enter production areas, from pests to fungal spores and microorganisms.

filterCair ensures a high-performance, economically efficient, environmentally friendly system solution with excellent whole-life-cost value.

We offer you a full range air quality and pollution control services, from routine inspections to complete service and maintenance programs. These include the supply of all filter consumables and the full maintenance of air handling units and air pollution control equipment.

Service and maintenance solutions

  • Airflow mapping and over-pressurization solutions
  • Remedial AHU repair and upgrades
  • Ductwork installation and modifications
  • Air pollution equipment maintenance and servicing
  • Fan and motor repair and installation
  • Energy cost reductions and system optimization

Your benefits at a glance

  • Reduction of stock holding and stock administration costs
  • Reduction of order costs
  • Less capital tied up in stock
  • Reduction of fire risk and increase in available production space
  • Improved and stabilized air quality
  • Improved planning and fewer suppliers
  • Continuous improvement and process optimization