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Air Filtration

Hygienic air filtration solutions for food and beverage industry

We offer all the expertise and support you need

Whether you are working with Zone H (High Risk), Zone M (High Care) or Ambient High Care conditions Freudenberg Filtration Technologies can provide the expertise to ensure you meet your regulatory requirements. Our experts can work with you from the earliest planning stages of your filtration project, right through to construction and commissioning. With our filterCair program, we also offer tailored service packages that ensure the efficient running of your filtration systems on an ongoing basis.


Dairy products

Strict hygiene regulations govern the production of dairy products like butter and buttermilk, cheese, sour milk products, curd and whey. This affects also the air filtration, which must function reliably at all times.

Cooked chilled food

In the processing of partially completed or Ready-to-Eat food, airborne particles and microorganisms can cause product contamination. A suitable hygienic air filter system minimizes the risk significantly.

Cooked meats

Next to the unbroken cold chain, a consistently hygienic production environment is essential for the processing of meat. It is crucial that germs and particles are reliably removed from the air to prevent contaminations and to ensure product purity.

Processed fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are highly perishable and populated with microorganisms like every natural product. To ensure product purity during processing, particles and germs must be reliably removed from the air.

Bakery products

From the dough production about half-baked to fully baked goods, there are many production steps in which clean air contributes significantly to product quality. The germ-free packaging in cleanrooms also enhances the shelf life of baked goods.


In the production of confectionery such as chocolate, marzipan, nougat or jelly products, hygiene is a top priority. In addition to an appropriate protective clothing, an air filter system helps to reduce airborne particles to an absolute minimum.