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To provide you with maximum use of the high quality of our filters in your systems, we have developed a unique filter management system: Viledon filterCair Service. Proven highly effective in numerous applications, we also offer this service for Gas Phase Filtration. To you, this means: reliable corrosion control thanks to individually compiled packages consisting of a comprehensive filter program, plus service support. plus warranties at guaranteed fixed costs. This is how we provide you with innovative, high-performance, environmentally friendly and at the same time plannable, cost-efficient system solutions.

Our service program at a glance

BASIC Package

  • Delivery of high-quality gas-phase filters and modules
  • Professional change-out of pellets
  • Reliable module replacement
  • Disposal of used pellets
  • Delivery of high-quality prefilters and fine filters


  • Analysis of the current situation
  • Recommendation of an optimal filtration system
  • Differential pressure controls
  • Determination of remaining lifetime of pellets
  • Regular measurement of indoor air quality*  
  • Ongoing monitoring of indoor air quality*
  • incl. BASIC Package

* pursuant to ISA-71.04-1985

You can choose two modules in addition to our BASIC orCOMPLETE packages:


  • Air handling consulting,incl. air flow balance sheets
  • Energy efficiency consulting for HVAC systems
  • Energy inspection of your equipment according to §12 EnEV


  • Microbiological assessment of water samples (bioburden)
  • Hygiene inspection of ventilation systems according to VDI 6022 

We’ll be pleased to advise you. Talk to us. Together, we will find the package that suits you, or the individual solution that is right for your specific application.